Hiking around Southeastern Spain

If you are going to visit Southeastern Spanish Mountains and you enjoy hiking and nature, you can not miss the River Mundo Trail between Riopar and Ayna, going through Bogarra and getting even further, until Liétor. Most of our itineraries follow some of the diversions of this historic trail recorrido linking the ancient villages of Alcaraz, Riópar and Hellín, just across our mountain range and by our most distinctive rivers. Walk it by your own or, even better, let us guide you and discover all secrets and stories that the landscape hides, for a price starting just in 8€ per person. We adapt the activity to the desired section, duration and diffilculty, without forgetting any hotspot. Choose your destination:



Riópar is the place where River Mundo springs, being the main tourist spot in our mountains. Besides the guided tours around its scenic 80 metres-high waterfall from a cave in a massive limestone cliff, our itineraries look for quieter off the beaten track landscapes in Calares del Mundo y la Sima Natural Park. Forests and streams that feed our main river, pictoresque summits and rock shapes or singular trees.


River Mundo canyon reaches its highest point between Aýna and Bogarra, with cliffs higher than 500 metres from the crystal-clear river bed. We can find there some of the less busy environments around the whole Sierra del Segura, except for prey birds and wild goats that have here its domain. Niño Cave is located just by one of the steep ravines, and it hosts rare Paleolithic wall paintings and impressive stalactites and stalagmites formations inside.


Alcaraz History doesn’t lays just inside its marvelous architectural ensemble but in the hundreds of millions years old evidences around the Nature Reserve of La Molata y Los Batanes, which tell us about lost seas and the furthest streams inland that flows towards the Atlantic Ocean. Besides, the ruins of an ancient Templars convent and waterfalls that moved long time ago the mills to produce wool for the famous carpets from the old city.


You can find the first great mountain in the Sierra as you come from the Mediterranean Coast in Bogarra: It is Padrastro, a privileged observation point. Beautiful streams such as Batán or Vadillos run down its ravines, creating pictoresque waterfalls while River Madera imitates its oldest brother, River Mundo, by carving its own little canyon between historical orchards and the surprising open-air museum of ‘Sculptures Path’.

Paterna del Madera

Some of the best preserved forests in Sierra del Segura spread by Paterna del Madera, close to Sierra del Agua, a beautiful site that is not called after its water richness, although it could be. The valley through which Endrinales stream descends shows a delightful botanical variety, and we can go upstream to the charismatic Almenara’s Peak, 1.796 metres high, which offers two opposite and complementary panoramic views: to one side, wonderful mountain sights, and the infinite flat lands of La Mancha to the other.


4 – 8 people: 15 € /pax.

9 – 12 people: 12 €/pax.

13 – 19 personas: 10€/pax.

More than 20 people: 8€/pax.

*Fees above are for adult groups. If you come with children, ask previously. Prices include Civil Liability and Accidents Insurance and authorizations to do nature activities. CLICK HERE to read our users commitments.

Senda Digital reserves the right to cancel or modify the itineraries because of weather bad conditions or force majeure. Anyway, once started the activity we will not reimbourse the fees although we will manage to offer alternatives. In that case, you will be given back the difference between prices.

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